Yeast and bread

Yeast and breadBaker's yeast, called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has imposed itself, throughout history and worldwide, as the best way to make dough rise.
Fresh, dry or liquid, its form varies between countries, traditions and environments. When dehydrated, yeast can resist sometimes difficult climatic conditions; it is often found in this form in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is frequently used fresh in countries with a well-controlled chill chain.
Crumbled, liquid or frozen, yeast has always adapted to industrial processes.
United colours of yeast
United colours of yeast

Liquid, pressed, dried yeast... each form has its own specificity. Focus on the different forms of yeast.

The different forms of yeast:
  • Liquid yeast was above all sold in this form until 1825. The current return to this form corresponds to demand from industrial and traditional bakeries.
  • Pressed yeast is the most popular form in industrialised countries for economic and practical reasons. It is available in the form of compact blocks. White in colour and very flaky in France, it can be darker in colour and more consistent in other countries.
  • Crumbled yeast consists of fine particles and is frequently used by industrialists to automate dosing.
  • Active dry yeast is in the form of granules. It offers good stability at room temperature, appreciated in places with unfavourable climatic conditions (high temperature and humidity).
  • Instant dry yeast does not need to be rehydrated before being added to flour. The fine particles of instant yeast are vacuum-packed or protection-packed.
  • Frozen dry yeast with intermediate humidity is available in powdered form. It is used in applications such as raw frozen food. Its exceptional conservation qualities allow long storage, making it ideal for export purposes.
Yeast: an essential ingredient in bread-making.
Yeast: an essential ingredient in bread-making.

Made with flour, water and salt, bread is now eaten all over the world. To obtain light, well-risen and airy bread, yeast is a vital ingredient. Come and discover why!

Yeast is used in the bread-making process. It ferments sugar present in flour and gives volume to bread. In its "inactive" form, it can also help to reduce acidity or bitterness, enhance flavours and make the crust golden.