How to Cook With Nutritional Yeast

Looking for an allnatural, fully plant-based, and dairyfree superfood? Preferably cholesterol-free, low in fat and hardly any salt? With plenty of nutrients, great texture and full of aroma and flavor? Yeast covers the load! 

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How to Cook With Nutritional Yeast

Everyone can cook with Nutritional Yeast.

Let’s first put this straight, Nooch is just a hype word for nutritional yeast. It is yet the same thing. Both are similar to the kind of yeast you find in bread or beer. It is simply yeast that can no longer raise dough since its fermentation activity is deactivated by the pasteurization process. Yet, Nooch has preserved all its initial nutritional values. Whether you are already a nutritional yeast loyalist, a curious foodie, or a neophyte, there is something valuable for each in nutritional yeast.  

May I Heat Nutritional Yeast?

Sure, you can! Of course, nutritional yeast can also be used cold, but no worry if you would like to explore cooking it. According to the USDA, 100g of nutritional yeast is made up of 53g of protein, 33g of starch, 27g of fiber, and 7g of fat and hence delivers 400 kcal of energy. Moreover, it carries a fair amount of minerals and all vitamins B. With every tablespoon of nutritional yeast, you give a nutritional boost to your diet.  

And yes, all these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as well as aroma and flavor resist heating. Any way you use nutritional yeast, it will enhance your recipes with a wealth of beneficial nutrients. But not only! 

What Does Nutritional Yeast Tastes Like?

Nutritional yeast has a broad taste palette, ranging from umami, the meaty taste, to salty. Most would describe it as cheesy, which in itself is a rich flavor. Nooch will also add texture and body to your recipes thanks to its richness in protein and fiber. Its salty taste is great to spice up any dish without adding a pinch of salt.  

Nutritional yeast comes in convenient to use powder, flakes, or crisps. These are all equally nutritious, but flavor and aroma may vary, depending on how the yeast is grown, heated, pasteurized, and dried to make up the powder, flakes, or crisps.  

Use it hot or cold, whisk it in, or sprinkle it over. No matter how, nutritional yeast will bring a subtle, savory flavor boost to all your favorite dishes.   

Use Nutritional Yeast as Cheese 

Nooch can make a great replacement for Parmesan, for example in pesto. But you can use nutritional yeast flakes like any grated cheese you fancy. Nooch may not be identical to your favorite grated cheese, but it can do the trick. Use it in combination with creamy ingredients to add the fat nutritional yeast lacks. For instance, nut creams, margarine or oils or just plain cream, if it does not have to be dairy-free.  

Sprinkle flakes or crisps over salad or roasted vegetables. Stir in flakes or powder Nooch in pasta dishes or risotto. Make a dairy-free béchamel and cheese up the plant base juice with Nooch powder to use in lasagna or in gratins.  

Crust your pizza, fill a buckwheat pancake, and melt it in with freshly popped corn, you won’t miss the cheese one bit.  

But even if you are not dairy-free or vegan, nutritional yeast is more than worth keeping in your pantry. Because it does so much more than replacing cheese alone. 

Use Nutritional Yeast as Protein

More than half of the nutritional yeast content is high-quality protein, it is fit for a vegan diet, but with protein, the quality is like beef. Most of the rest is fiber and starch which gives Nooch body and texture to make up for meat, dairy or fish.  

Easy enough to add nutritional yeast to pasta, rice, or mashed potato, but how to replace meatballs or scrambled eggs?  

No need to replace one for one. Substitute half of the eggs in a quiche for Nooch, half the minced meat in a loaf for a quarter of bread and Nooch. You may also add some fat since nutritional yeast hardly contains any as compared to minced meat or eggs. Nooch works also well in fish tartar or in ceviche. Because apart from being nutritious, protein-rich and convenient to use, nutritional yeast brings flavor.  

Unleash Your Imagination

Seasoning is the magical touch to any dish and is often the best-kept secret of chefs. Nutritional yeast comes with this one-of-a-kind flavor. Complex, yet subtle and savory that works well in virtually any recipe.  

Make a marinade with your favorite herbs and spices and add a tablespoon of nutritional yeast powder. Stir in some Nooch in your stuffing for potatoes and vegetables. Make a savory, protein-rich cake by replacing the sugar with nutritional yeast.    

Nooch crisps look like rice crisps and will do great in homemade cereal bars or breakfast cereals.  

Whether you are Nooch-wise or just starting to explore, there is always something new to discover when it comes to cooking with nutritional yeast.  

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